Universal Light-Cured Nano Composite with New Monomer Technology from DuPont
Your Search is Over – KALORE is Here.    
Dentistry has relied on the same basic monomer technology in its materials for decades with advances in resin technology being primarily on the filler side (filler size, filler shape, filler type, etc.). The newest innovation from GC America utilizes an exclusive new monomer technology from DuPont to create a truly revolutionary TOTAL PACKAGE in aesthetic restorations.

KALORE challenges the status quo by taking aesthetic restorations to the next level – making them far stronger and more effective than ever before and giving you exceptional control for superior performance.

Three components factor into KALORE’s unique design. First, DuPont’s new monomer technology developed exclusively for KALORE. Second, GC America’s newly-developed HDR prepolymerized fillers are at the core of KALORE’s advancements. Finally, the proprietary interface between the filler and the matrix is a critical factor in the success and longevity of this composite. With innovation from every angle, KALORE truly offers the total package of:

  • Superior Handling
  • Aesthetics
  • Longevity & Durability
An Innovation in Restorations Using Exclusive, New Monomer Technology from DuPont

KALORE represents the perfect discovery of science and beauty – the total package in aesthetic restorations that has eluded you for so long. Until now. The three key benefits of KALORE– derived from its advanced technology – make it the best choice and the most comprehensive option in composite materials.

Benefit #1: Superior Handling – Complete Control is in Your Hands

• KALORE is non-sticky due to the prepolymerized fillers
• The DuPont monomer’s stiff core creates putty-like properties

Result: KALORE's unique properties allow for easy shaping and adaptation to the restoration surface. KALORE is highly sculptable with no slumping.

Benefit #2: Unsurpassed Aesthetics – Flawless Beauty, So Easy to Create

  • Exceptional Gloss:
  • Easy Polishability:
  • Sustained Luster:
The monomer’s long chain and low shrinkage stress minimize the risk of filler drop out
  • Chameleon effect: The optimized refractive index of the filler
    and monomer matrix result in near-perfect color matching

Result: Unmatched aesthetic success and perfect restorations for you and your patients.

SEM #1 SEM #2
KALORE with DuPont Monomer – No gap on prepolymerized filler interface; no dropout fillers were observed. KALORE without new DuPont Monomer – Slight gap on prepolymerized filler surface; dropout prepolymerized fillers were observed.

“I believe this new monomer formulation has solved the shrinkage challenge by removing the weak link – the shorter chain methacrylate matrix. This new system provides the potential for reducing the clinical challenges such as marginal gap, microleakage, stain and secondary caries while enhancing the aesthetics and wear resistance.”
     – douglas design Technique International


Courtesy of douglas design Technique International
Courtesy of Dr. Frank J. Milnar,
St. Paul, MN
At the end of the day, it all comes down to how well a composite looks when the patient smiles. KALORE delivers the superior results the dental community has come to expect from GC America.

The Science Behind the Smile– PROVEN!    

The proof is in the result and the perfect results achieved by using KALORE are exemplified in Aureana Tseu – Miss Hawaii, 2009 (see photos at right). In an arena where perfection is a requirement, the qualities of KALORE made it the material of choice to highlight and complement her exceptional beauty as she pursued her quest for Miss USA 2009.

“Amazing! KALORE is not only so easy to use, it polishes and feels like porcelain. With its remarkable chameleon effect and low marginal shrinkage, this composite resin has tremendously moved the bar up to a new plateau in aesthetic restorative materials.”
     – Dr. Wynn Okuda, DMD, Past President, AACD, Honolulu, HI

Courtesy of Dr. Wynn Okuda, Honolulu, HI

Benefit #3: Significant Longevity & Durability – Sustained Form & Function

During polymerization of composite resin, the resin matrix reduces in volume while the particles retain their prepolymerization volume. This results in stress at the filler and resin matrix interface. This stress remains within the cured composite resin and can lead to early replacement of restorations, as particles will be lost from the matrix. To reduce polymerization stress at the filler/matrix interface, lower levels of polymerization shrinkage are required. The average restoration loses form, function and aesthetics between three to four years as the particles drop out due to shrinkage stress. This causes:

• Surface to lose luster
• Stains to become evident
• Surface to become rough
• Greater wear and tear overall

KALORE’s unique design results in the lowest shrinkage stress vs. the competition which means less stress around the fillers and
better durability and longevity for the restoration.

Result: KALORE keeps your restorations beyond compare longer by maintaining their form and function over time.

SEM #3

  SEM #4
Footprint of Filler Dropout   Footprint of Filler Dropout
Filtek Supreme Plus†   Tetric EVOCeram†



Shrinkage Stress

KALORE clearly exhibits the lowest shrinkage stress amongst those tested.


KALORE offers three opacities for precision shade matching and blending. Whether you choose to use a single shade or multiple shades for polychromatic stratification, your restorations will look as beautiful as a ceramic restoration, as smooth and perfect as porcelain.

In 90% of cases, the use of a Universal shade will be sufficient. In the remaining 10% – those “special” cases – a combination of Universal, Opaque and/or Translucent shades would be selected. KALORE’s simplified shade system gives you a “recipe” to follow for perfection and total control in your restoration aesthetics.

KALORE's Simplified Shade System    

“As an artist, I look for materials that can complement my creativity. Essentials such as handling, the ability to match tooth structure and capture the correct reflective index of light are attributes of a great composite. KALORE definitely meets these standards of excellence.”
     – Dr. Frank J. Milnar, DDS, AAACD, Minneapolis, MN


Courtesy of Dr. Wynn Okuda, Honolulu, HI
Tooth restored with one shade only.


KALORE Product Codes:

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KALORE Syringe Packages    
003572     Shade AO2 Package
003573     Shade AO3 Package
003574     Shade AO4 Package
003575     Shade OBW Package
003576     Shade OXBW Package

003592     Shade WT Package
003593     Shade DT Package
003594     Shade CT Package
003595     Shade NT Package
003596     Shade GT Package
003597     Shade CVT Package
003577     Shade A1 Package
003578     Shade A2 Package
003579     Shade A3 Package
003580     Shade A3.5 Package
003581     Shade A4 Package
003582     Shade B1 Package
003583     Shade B2 Package
003584     Shade B3 Package
003585     Shade C2 Package
003586     Shade C3 Package
003587     Shade D2 Package
003588     Shade CV Package
003589     Shade CVD Package
003590     Shade BW Package
003591     Shade XBW Package
KALORE Unitip Packages    
003598     Shade AO2 Package (10 Count)
003599     Shade AO3 Package (10 Count)
003600     Shade AO4 Package (10 Count)
003601     Shade OBW Package (10 Count)
003602     Shade OXBW Package (10 Count)

003607     Shade WT Package (10 Count)
003608     Shade DT Package (10 Count)
003609     Shade CT Package (10 Count)
003610     Shade NT Package (10 Count)
003611     Shade GT Package (10 Count)
003612     Shade CVT Package (10 Count)
003613     Shade A1 Package (20 Count)
003614     Shade A2 Package (20 Count)
003615     Shade A3 Package (20 Count)
003616     Shade A3.5 Package (20 Count)
003617     Shade A4 Package (20 Count)
003618     Shade B1 Package (20 Count)
003619     Shade B2 Package (20 Count)
003620     Shade B3 Package (20 Count)
003621     Shade C2 Package (20 Count)
003622     Shade C3 Package (20 Count)
003623     Shade D2 Package (20 Count)
003603     Shade CV Package (10 Count)
003604     Shade CVD Package (10 Count)
003605     Shade BW Package (10 Count)
003606     Shade XBW Package (10 Count)
  KALORE Trial Kits
003624     Syringe Trial Kit
003569     Unitip Trial Kit
Misc. Items
003571     KALORE Shade Guide